A group of creative black millennials have found a visually interesting way to pay homage to notable black figures in the film history.  The Trailblazer Project, with the aim of honoring “those that laid a foundation for us to create and express ourselves as openly and freely as we do today”, is a collection of portraits that show young black men and women models depicting influential black figures in film history.

We recently spoke with the creative forces behind The Trailblazer Project regarding the inspiration behind the project, how participants were selected, and what’s next for the creatives.

Here is our chat.

BlackExcellence: What inspired this project?

Trailblazer Project: The inspiration for the project was to provide a thank you and appreciation to notable African Americans both known and unknown that paved the way for young African American creatives, specifically through media. Everyone apart of the project was passionate about making sure that we paid homage to these important icons.

BlackExcellence: How did the participants all connect?

Trailblazer Project: The participants all found each other by way of social media through Aaron Peek. The idea was posted and all participants individually saw the potential and responded. A meeting was set and the rest is history!

The Trailblazer Project

BlackExcellence: How did you pick which black figures to include in the shoot?

Trailblazer Project: We tried to focus on icons from the past and present that paved the way, who were not necessarily focused on often, and also those that many may have heard of but not exactly understood the impact they had on our history and present opportunities afforded to us all. We are aware that there are many more to pay homage to, which is why this project will be a continued, so stay tuned!

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BlackExcellence: Why did you choose photography as your main medium for this project?

Trailblazer Project: We felt that photography, and videography were important because it is an art form and felt that it would best highlight the icons chosen, and respectively shed light to their accolades through using young African American models. The vision was to create beautiful and powerful images to connect our audience to our chosen figures.

The Trailblazer Project

BlackExcellence: What’s the next step for the Trailblazer Project?

Trailblazer Project: The next step for the Trailblazer Project is to continue on our path, highlighting and paying homage to prestigious African American figures who have paved the way, and doing so through the arts of photography, cinematography and videography. Our hopes are to inspire and teach our audience, the youth and anyone who loves the arts about our excellence as a people through our creative work as a collective.

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