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How is Celebrating and Spotlighting Black Vegans

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Being a vegan was once widely believed to be a “white thing”. But that sentiment is being challenged by the slow but steady spread of the health benefits the lifestyle offers in the black community.  A recent article on the many NBA players who have gone vegan highlights the health benefits these top notch athletes have gained from leaving out all animal products from their diets.

One of the platforms helping spread the movement is

When founder Aph Ko wrote “#BlackVegansRock: 100 Black Vegans to Check out” for Striving with Systems in 2015, she wasn’t expecting to be bombarded with emails from black all over the world asking to be added to the list. Wanting to create a bigger platform for this underserved group, Aph launched, a website that features and connects black vegans around the world.


Part of the mission statement reads as follows:

“We aim to bring the Black vegan community together by focusing on our diversity, rather than our differences. While we might all be vegan for different reasons, and while we might each be at different phases in our activist/vegan journey, we aim to highlight just how powerful we can be when we unify and celebrate our brilliance.” 

The blog section of the website features black vegans who have taken up the lifestyle for various different reasons, including physical wellness and advocating for animal rights. Some of the recent profiles include a basketball officiant, a politician, and a raw vegan chef.


If you are a black vegan and have something to share with fellow vegans, you can contact Black Vegans Rock to get featured.


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