Tired of buying beauty products that are either filled with toxic chemicals or not made with black consumers in mind? Or, do you make green beauty products but have not quite found the right platform to sell your products on? Good news! BLK+GRN, a new all-natural marketplace that connects black owned products and black consumers is here to fill the gap.

BLK+GRN‘s founder Dr. Kristian Henderson created the marketplace with wellness in mind. She left her position as a hospital administrator at John Hopkins after realizing her personal ethics were no longer aligning with the way hospitals work. She searched for something different, something that fit with her own personal wellness journey.

Dr. Henderson’s wellness journey also included being conscientious about where she spent her money. “At the same time I was on this wellness journey, I was also starting to realize that every single day when I buy products, I’m voting. I’m voting with my dollar. I’m voting for which companies get to thrive and which companies don’t get to thrive,” she told Forbes.  She wanted to support smaller, women and black-owned companies over the large brands and kept lists of brands she loved. 

BLK+GRN, black entrepreneurs, black websites, black women, black ownedSoon enough, the people around her were asking her to share her list.  That is when BLK+GRN was born. “People would complain that, they had to go to 15 different websites and pay shipping 15 times to get all these different products-I was like, “A-ha.” I had to make it easier for people to purchase these projects that support these women and support their own health,” Dr. Henderson said. 

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BLK+GRN carries products ranging from skincare to tea. Some of their best sellers include an all natural deodorant and an Original Golde Turmeric Powder. 

Dr. Henderson emphasizes BLK+GRN is a margin AND mission company, “I think at the core a lot of these larger brands are not margin and mission brands. They’re simply margin brands-they follow the trends. But I think this moment proves there’s a real need, a real audience and that there’s a real market out there for these products.” 

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