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Here’s How I Survived A Natural Birth

Our youngest daughter was born in our kitchen. After using pain medication during our first labor, I was slightly nervous about having a child without any medical intervention. I researched as many ideas as possible, about how to naturally birth a baby. Here are the most practical steps that helped me prepare for labor.

1. Seeing Is Believing

Allegedly we receive most of our information through our eyes. I’m definitely a visual learner, which is why I watched so many videos on water births, natural labor, hypnosis, you name it. Because I was only familiar with hospital births which are sneaked into the commercials and movies we watch, I needed the mental image of seeing brave womyn bear their beautiful children peacefully and naturally.

2. Trust Our Body

Womyn have been bearing healthy children for years. So, our bodies are perfectly made to perform this miracle naturally. Yet and still, I had to convince myself that I was strong enough, trustworthy and capable of birthing my own children. 

3. Breathe Out Poop

I recommend everyone practice breathing (instead of pushing) out their stools. It requires concentration, relaxation and patience — not an easy task, but a great skill for everyone to master and a basic technique needed for labor. Not only is deep breathing hypnotic, it helped me focus on that specific area while calming my entire body. Also, our muscles rely on oxygen to function properly. During my labor, I literally breathed oxygen into my contractions, so they were not as painful.

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4. Lots Of Water

No matter how many tips I heard and things I learned, actually hydrating my muscles so that they could naturally push out the baby was the best decision I made. I drank constantly while in labor. My mother kept refilling the pitcher and I drank in between every contraction.

5. Get Support

In addition to baby’s support (none of this would have happened if she were not alert and working hard too), the expertise from our midwives, presence from our family and blessing from our Creator, helped us have a beautiful home delivery. I’m fully aware every womyn can not or may not want to birth their children at home. Yet, birthing naturally left me beaming with self-confidence and is the best start for baby’s life here on Earth.

Happy Birthing!


Dominique Graham

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