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Inside Pharrell Williams’ Condo Project That Was Designed Based On His Song

Back in November, producer and singer Pharrell Williams announced his involvement in a new Toronto condo development along with partners Reserve Properties and Westdale Properties. Now, we get a look inside the recently released plans for the massive building. And the conceptual photos are just stunning!

The condo project, titled “untitled”, will include one tower featuring 751 condo suites, with unites ranging from studios to three-bedrooms. The second tower will have 200 affordable housing units along with 165 mid-range units and 49 unites priced at market range.

Sales will begin in early 2020 and prices will start at the low end of the $400,000 range.

Pharrell took an active role in designing the dual-tower project in midtown Toronto into the kind of place he would want to live. That produced a minimalist style that the artist is attracted to, a duality to his eccentric style that sometimes has him doing or collecting too much.

How is this building designed based on Pharrell’s music?

Norm Li | Westdale Properties / Reserve Properties

The singer-producer worked with lead architect Mansoor Kazerouni of IBI Group to design the buildings’ cured balconies according to the sound-wave pattern of his song “Gust of Wind.”

“(We were) trying to find a poetic way to communicate this wave formation vertically in the construction,” Pharrell said. “It made for something beautiful.”

Norm Li | Westdale Properties / Reserve Properties

The buildings also come with a luxe menu of amenities to choose from, from wellness centers to co-working garden lounge and screening room.

When the project was initially announced, Pharrell caught some criticism for joining a project that was likely going to make Toronto even less affordable. It’s unclear if advocates will now change their tunes after learning the project will also include affordable housing.

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