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Kwanzaa Crawl Is The Hippest Thing To Do This Holiday Season

If you think the most exciting day of the holiday season is over by the end of December 25th, you’re wrong! That’s because the hippest thing to do this holiday season takes place on December 26th, if you will be in Brooklyn: Kwanzaa Crawl.

What’s Kwanzaa Crawl?

Kwanzaa’s popularity has greatly fallen off in recent years. Actually, it has become that black holiday you hear about but nobody you know celebrates. That got comedian Kerry Coddett thinking about how to revive the popularity of this Pan-African holiday.

She landed on Kwanzaa Crawl, a bar crawl that takes participants through black and brown owned bars in Brooklyn and surrounding areas on the first day of Kwanzaa, December 26th. What the organizers hope this will accomplish is raising awareness about Kwanzaa while supporting local black owned businesses. Win, win!

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How to join the crawl? 

Joining the crawl is simple, and all the information can be found at 

Buy the ticket (only $20!). Put on your most African inspired outfits. Meet with your team. Get on with the party!


It’s Kwanzaa, Actually 

The premise of this hilarious web series is a black woman trying to persuade her boyfriend to celebrate Kwanzaa. These short videos, made by the event organizers of Kwanza Crawl, are hilarious. Check out all the videos here.

To get a better understand of Kwanzaa and why it is celebrated, read our latest article on this subject here.

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