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Chance The Rapper’s New Music Video Is A Video Game

You read that right.

The super duper creative powerhouse that’s Chance the Rapper has a new music video out. But instead of sitting back and watching the video, you get to interact with it. That’s because the music video is in a form of a video game that was coded and designed by Chicago Public School students.

The video game, titled SuperMe, was coded by kids from seven elementary schools and middle schools. In the game, heroes fly through Chicago collecting hearts.

“In 2017, with CS4All, Scratch, and a little help from Google, we told hundreds of kids from the South Side of Chicago they could do anything with code,” wrote Chance in a blog post. “Now the kids are coding. Seven elementary schools spent a bunch of time creating a game and drawing themselves as superheroes — that can fly! That can teleport! That collect hearts. All using code.”

The project was put together by CS4All, Google, and Chance’s non-profit organization, SocialWorks. This project has also inspired “Code Your Hero”, a programming activity that allows other students to code their heroes. It is available to students and teachers as of Tuesday, December 10th 2019.

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