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The Only Thing That’s A Shithole is Trump’s Understanding of The Immigration System and Immigrants in America

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If you are anywhere where there’s a TV, newspaper, magazines, radio, internet, local town crier, you know that Donald Trump is in hot water, once more, because of his mouth. Calling out foreign lands as shithole nations is funny, especially when you’re the head of the wealthiest country, one that shows its citizens some of the poorest treatment relative to its status globally. Look at rates of poverty and homelessness in America. Look at how we treat our veterans. This year, one VA that’s being built has gone over budget by $1 billion dollars, and will likely be understaffed as soon as it’s complete. Violence is off the charts. And Americans are so ignorant, they spent the greater part of 2017 countering peaceful protests of this same inequality and violence. But this article is about race, Donald Trump, and his shithole of a mouth.

So let’s get this out of the way. Donald wants to do away with the TPS (Temporary Protection Status) of Haitians, 200,000 Salvadorians, those from African nations, and anyone else who, in essence, are running away from certain death or great peril, like nations affected by natural disasters or ones that have been ravaged by war.

Even more damning, is the fact that in the Geneva Conventions, it explicitly states that members practicing the precepts of the Conventions, like we do here in America, should not send refugees back to the countries from which they are fleeing:

The core principle is non-refoulement, which asserts that a refugee should not be returned to a country where they face serious threats to their life or freedom. This is now considered a rule of customary international law.

Believe it or not, America is not the only country who takes in refugees fleeing from war, poor economical conditions, and political prosecution. Even these so-called shithole countries take in refugees from neighboring countries that flee to them. And they contribute greatly to the U.S. economy. According to a New American Economy report, “Refugees earn more than $77 billion in household income and paid almost $21 billion in taxes in 2015.” Remember that whole thing about Trump not paying taxes for years?

Probably the biggest issue with how difficult it is to understand what’s going on in Donnie’s mind is how difficult it is for these people, who are literally fighting for their lives, to get here in the first place. A lottery is assigned for people to get on the list of those protected. Each applicant has about a 2% chance of making it to America. And even selection for the program doesn’t guarantee a visa, thus the “temporary” protection status.

Mr. Trump wants to institute a merit-based system, one in which educated professionals are the only immigrants allowed from these nations. The super hilarious part about that is that people from African nations are more educated than most, despite war and famine. These immigrants are more educated, even, than people in America, on average. 41% of African immigrants have a degree of higher learning, compared with the 38% of Trump’s “desired” demographic of Norwegians. 32% of Americans have degrees of higher education.

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Pundits and supporters of Mr. Trump will frequently say things such as, “He speaks his mind,” and “He’s not afraid to say exactly what he’s thinking.” Honesty and guts are great, noble traits and are widely used in America. We have become…notorious for expressing these traits throughout history, so much so that our passports look like this. I’ve seen very little diplomacy from the man. Even as children we learn to show some modicum of reserve in speech and action. When the President of the United States, the most powerful nation in the world, has less of a filter than a child, drastic steps need to be taken.

We need people shouting in the streets at racists holding Nazi flags wearing Make America Great Again hats, protesting, tweeting their angry responses to the President’s inappropriate actions. I’m sorry, conservatives. As much as you’d like us to, we cannot go easy on a man like this. Thomas Jefferson, one of the framers of the USA and creator of the Declaration of Independence, encouraged rebellion, especially in the case of leaders like Donald Trump, who has not ceased to do something else to imperil the nation, just about every single day. Jefferson would have done well to give his slaves that option, also. But…one thing at a time.

When people say to me things like, “there’s no racism in America. You guys are making issues for yourselves. You want to feel like victims.” Well, I can now show them that most Americans feel as if they’re victims of bigotry or racism—despite race. And the proof is that 55% of white Americans feel that they are now discriminated against. Nearly 1,100 race-related instances were logged in the first month after Mr. Trump entered office. This is not a thing of the past. This is the America we live in, and people seem to be intentionally oblivious to it.

My experiences with racism are vast, and they span a good part of America, sadly. As a kid in Chicago, I rarely saw whites because of how gentrified the city is. My hometown of Chicago, by the way, was founded by a Haitian.

I went to high school in California, and I remember how unbearable the tension was. Bomb threats were a constant, always tied to race. There were promises of race riots at my school each year, usually tied to anger against Mexican-American students. 9/11 produced scores of hate toward every person of Middle Eastern descent, and even some people from African nations—I suppose the bullies wanted to make sure their brand of prejudice hit anyone who had the likelihood of bringing a TNT-coiled vest to class one day.

I moved to Virginia in 2004, at 18 to join the military, and hardcore racism reared its head, in the form of me getting pelted with trash while a man yelled “Ooga, booga, booga.” I remember driving past a Klan lodge to and from work every day. I dreaded going to the Navy base, because I never knew what fresh bout of racism would greet me, whether or not it would turn violent, and if I could do anything to save myself from dying.

trump shithole, african immigrants, black immigrants, african refugees, black excellence, immigration systemFlorida, was by far the most racist place I’ve ever lived. There were stores I couldn’t go into, because despite not having a sign posted that read “No Coloreds Allowed,” people would just bark at me not to “even try it, boy! Don’t you sit down.” I worked at a pizza joint, and there were certain people who wouldn’t let me serve them. I got accosted often, and with brutal zeal, by police because I “fit the profile.” Whatever the hell the profile was, I must have been the unluckiest black guy in Gainesville. And, the pièce de résistance, had to be my routine each day. Every day that I walked somewhere, I’d get honked at, called a nigger by a passing car, or hear monkey-grunts from somewhere. And this was in 2008. It’s truly a miracle I didn’t explode and knock someone’s block off.

Alabama wasn’t as bad, surprisingly. I found a couple joints that I was not welcomed to dine in, because nobody was serving me, so I just surmised it was time to leave.

If Donald Trump understood the impact of words, he would be more cautious. So many minorities have experienced this kind of hatred their entire lives, and hearing it from a sitting president is the worst kind of betrayal. He could just be that kind of unaware. More than likely, though, he’s not willing to show his inner bigot…it’s just unfortunately slipping out on the international stage, each day. The exclusion of other countries, primarily European nations, that could be considered shitholes has been of particular note to many in the media. And we all know about his long history of racist or racial leanings.

Since his comments came out, many people from African nations, Latin countries, and Haiti itself have taken to Twitter to show how successful they have been despite the depravity of their nation of origin. Which I applaud because putting down a country puts down its entire people. Sadly, Mr. Trump says what he wants, anytime he wants, and either doesn’t think about the consequences or doesn’t care how his words will affect people. Is that what America is about? Not caring about the rest of the world, or even its own people? And if it is, shouldn’t we be trying to make it great…again? Let’s work on making it great for the first time, first. How about we act more polite on a national stage?

You’d think that with all the interference we’ve run on operations of other nations, we’d finally come to the realization that we owe a lot of our success to the other countries that have helped us become the superpower we are today. The diversity, the money, the power that comes from America is the very thing about this place that unites all of the “melting pot.” The truth is, America cannot, and would not, be great if it weren’t for these so-called shithole countries. We need change. Because more of the same isn’t helping. Mr. Trump is more of the same…times a million. Sad, stable genius. We deserve better, and so does the rest of the world.

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