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35th John F Kennedy 1961-1963 Democrat

  • He appointed African Americans to position within his administration
  • Named Thurgood Marshall to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals
  • In 1963 he pushed for civil rights to Congress that included legislation to secure blacks voting rights but the bill ended up expiring
  • On November 22, 1963 just hours after Kennedy sent federal marshals to escort black students to their dormitories at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, he delivered a televised address to the nation. Kennedy announced he would send comprehensive civil rights legislation to Congress. The package would include provisions for access to public facilities, voting rights, and technical and monetary support for school desegregation. This put the civil rights on center stage and made it a national issue not just a local issue.
  • Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963

John F Kennedy will go down in history for not trying to push off the issue of civil rights or working to combat it behind the scenes,  but for brining it center stage and making it national issue that needed to be addressed now. 

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