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43rd George W. Bush 2001-2009 Republican

  • President Bush appointed both the first and second African American secretaries of state: Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.
  •  African Americans Alphonso Jackson and Rod Paige led the Housing and Urban Development and Education offices, respectively
  • In 2002 Bushed signed The No Child Left Behind Act. It tried to institute school reform but ended up failing.

President Bushes tenure in office will probably be mostly remembered for the horrific terrorist attack that the United States experienced and two wars.

He spent most of his time caught up in a war in Iraq and trying to prevent domestic terrorism at home. He did try to make an effort to bring some blacks back to the Republican party with policies like The No Child Left Behind Act and appointing both the first and second African American Secretaries of State, but he ended up falling short mainly because the NCLB act didn’t work.

And, of course, we all remember the horrific response to Hurricane Katrina. 

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