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45th Donald Trump 2017- TBD- Republican

  • Challenged Texas voter ID law – this would make it harder for Blacks to vote in Texas
  • Trump tried to stop an Obama era rule requiring large companies to report how much they pay workers by race and gender
  • In 2018, Trump signed the First Step Act – This cut unnecessarily long federal sentences and improve conditions in federal prisons
  • President Trump to Repeal Obama-Era Fair Housing Rule on AFFH ( Affirmatively Furthering Fair Rule )
  • In 2018, Trump administration releases federal rules allowing employers to deny birth control. A estimated 70,000 to 126,00 women are at risk. This includes mostly Black, Latinx, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Donald Trump is not a pro civil rights President. Even though he did enact the First Step Act and brags about African American low unemployment numbers (a downtrend that started under Barack Obama), most of his tenure (first term so far) can be summed up as overturning progressive policies, using racist language to excite his base, and being tough on immigration.

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